The Friendship Circle is an organization that’s incredibly close to my heart. I first got involved with the organization when I was just 17 years old, and since then, it’s had a profound impact on my life.

Through The Friendship Circle, I’ve learned the true meaning of volunteering and the power that it has to educate on values of establishing purpose, cultivating responsibility, and giving back. I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that the organization has on individuals with special needs and their families, providing critical support and friendship to those who need it most.

I’ve evolved into someone who pushes himself to the limit by taking on new challenges. Over the years, I’ve accomplished some unique feats in the name of fundraising for important causes.

In the past, I completed a 1,018 pushup challenge in an hour that raised enough money to feed 20,000 people suffering from food insecurity. Last year, I took on the grueling 4x4x48 challenge, running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours, then adding an additional 2 miles for a total of 50 miles in 48 hours. Through that challenge, I raised over $15,000 towards curing Alzheimer’s through research in memory of both my grandmothers whom I lost to the disease.

Now, I’m taking on my biggest challenge yet. I’ll be attempting to perform 1000 pullups to raise awareness and funds for The Friendship Circle. The goal is to perform 5 pull ups every minute on the minute until I reach 1000 reps (on a bar I’ve never trained on).

Despite labrum surgery, disc protrusions in my lower back, and all the excuses I can muster up, the reality is that a fulfilling life must be earned and never taken for granted.

Can I do this? 1000 Pull Ups!?!

Join me on March 12, 2023, via live stream on Instagram (@insidetheinspired) in supporting The Friendship Circle by donating today.

Your donation will help to ensure that this incredible organization can continue to do their amazing work and support individuals with special needs in our community, learning valuable life skills that give people purpose.

Together, we can make a formidable impact through The Friendship Circle and the individuals and families that they serve.

Thank you in advance for your trust, your support, and lastly, your generosity.

1000, here we come!


Jonathan Z. Cohen